Atlas Island

Vote With Your Boat

Life on Atlas Island

Ten years from now, you are a resident of Atlas Island. You cut your final economic tie with your country of origin by selling your house and using that money to purchase your comfortable and self sufficient solar-electric catamaran in which you are currently sitting. You are docked at a floating platform in international waters. This platform is run by a private operating company as a free city. Outside your window you see the vessels of hundreds of other seasteaders docked at this, and surrounding, platforms.

You remain a citizen of a land based nation state and are free to use your passport for international travel. Your catamaran, however, is flagged in St Kitts and Nevis which is now your tax residence. St Kitts and Nevis collects no income or capital gains taxes. They also provide significant regulatory freedom for seasteaders, enforcing only the basic criminal laws against violence and theft. Your interactions on the platform are governed by a resident contract which you must explicitly agree to before docking there.

Most of your business is with other seasteaders who share similar values. There are a wide variety of businesses including dining and entertainment establishments based on floating vessels as well as the platforms themselves. Prices are low and service is excellent due to competition and innovation. As well, the platform is strategically located along a major shipping route, allowing trade with businesses around the world and access to the resources necessary to grow your business.

No one accuses you of not "paying your fair share" and everyone understands that they are only entitled to what they have lawfully acquired. Instead of a welfare state, there are competing voluntary mutual aid associations. As well, given the significantly increased take-home income, seasteaders are generous with their charitable giving for those who suffer a major setback. Education and healthcare are privately run and there are numerous providers competing for your business.

Residents of Atlas Island come from around the world. It is not, however, a simple tax haven for the rich. In fact, some of the most successful individuals are those who escaped abject poverty under despotic regimes. They came to Atlas Island seeking a new life and, due to their dedication, have worked their way up from entry level jobs to running entire companies. Residents speak different languages and have different cultural backgrounds but they one thing in common: a belief that freedom is sacred.