Atlas Island

Where Freedom is Sacred

Five Stage Plan

STAGE I - Online Community

Members will join our online community and help to refine plans for future stages. We will identify locations for Atlas Island Clubs and members for those clubs. Floating platforms designs will be selected and refined with an aim to accommodate as many vessel types as is feasible. We will work with the Seasteading Institute to identify flags of convenience and refine the legal framework for our concept. Finally, detailed design and engineering work will allow us to prove the feasibility and affordability of the overall plan.

STAGE II - Marina Community

Members will form local Atlas Island Clubs. The members of these clubs will then identify locations where they will dock their floating vessels and/or place their containerized buildings. These will likely be located next to metropolitan areas with many opportunities and services. The primary purpose of this stage is to transition to life on floating vessels or in containerized buildings while still being close to existing societies.

STAGE III - Harbor Community

Local Atlas Island Clubs will identify a protected harbor where they can begin developing floating infrastructure. They will identify companies which can design and supply a basic floating platform on which they can dock their floating vessels and/or place their containerized buildings. This platform will then be anchored in a protected harbor and members. The primary purpose of this stage is to begin developing floating infrastructure in a protected environment.

STAGE IV - Coastal Community

After establishing multiple floating platforms in protected harbors, local Atlas Island clubs will select locations to congregate in the near coastal area. The floating platforms from multiple clubs can be joined together or may float near one another. The primary purposes of this stage are to test the floating infrastructure in a less sheltered environment and to begin developing a self-sufficient, and possibly agoristic, economy.

STAGE V - Offshore Community

Once the coastal communities have been adequately tested, they will move into international waters. A breakwater system may be required to protect the platforms from the most severe weather events. These platforms can each be operated as a Free Private City, providing residents choice between different platforms and operators. Moving to international waters will allow us to escape the clutches of government control. Initially we will fly flags of convenience chosen for maximal freedom with the eventual goal of declaring complete autonomy.