Atlas Island

Vote With Your Boat

Five Stage Plan

STAGE I - Online Community

Members will join our online community and help to refine plans for future stages. We will work with the Seasteading Institute to identify flags of convenience and refine the legal framework for our concept. We will work with companies to design affordable floating vessels, containerized buildings, and floating platforms suitable to our needs. Finally, detailed business planning and engineering work will allow us to prove the feasibility and affordability of the overall plan.

STAGE II - Network Community

Members will purchase and start living on floating vessels and in containerized buildings. We will identify locations for Atlas Island Marinas. These marinas will likely be located next to metropolitan areas and ideally in Free Cities. Once locations have been identified, members may develop formal organizations to build or purchase a suitable marina in their region. The primary purpose of this stage is to transition to life on floating vessels or in containerized buildings.

STAGE III - Marina Community

Members will move their floating vessels and containerized buildings to Atlas Island Marinas. There will likely be at least one Atlas Island Marina in each region of the world. While members will still have easy access to land, as the communities grow they will begin transacting with other members in order to develop a self-sufficient society. The primary purpose of this stage is to begin developing a self-sufficient economy while still being close to existing societies.

STAGE IV - Coastal Community

Companies will build floating platforms on which members can dock their floating vessels and/or place their containerized buildings. These platforms will be anchored in the coastal region near existing Atlas Island Marinas with easy access to shore. Initially they may make use of shore-based infrastructure but will gradually develop autonomy. The primary purpose of this stage is to develop floating infrastructure while still being close to shore and relatively protected.

STAGE V - Offshore Community

Once the coastal communities have been adequately tested, they will move into international waters. A breakwater system may be required to protect the platforms from the most severe weather events. These platforms can each be operated as a Free City, providing residents choice between different platforms and operators. Moving to international waters will allow us to escape the clutches of coercive government control. Initially we will fly flags of convenience chosen for maximal freedom with the eventual goal of declaring complete autonomy.