Atlas Island

Vote With Your Boat

General Questions

What is the goal of Atlas Island?

The goal of Atlas Island is to provide a refuge from government control and coercion. We aim to attract liberty loving, hardworking individuals who are tired of being subjugated to excessive taxes and regulations by societies which demonize their success rather than celebrate it. Not everyone will agree with our ideals or be suited to live on Atlas Island. If you expect a large social safety net and government intervention, Atlas Island is not the place for you. On the other hand, if you agree with our values and are willing to give up the security of an established society for the opportunity to start a fresh society that truly values freedom and success, then Atlas Island might be exactly what you've been looking for!

What is the long-term vision of Atlas Island?

We envision Atlas Island eventually being an archipelago of independent seasteading platforms which all adhere to a common set of rules protecting natural rights. These natural rights will be restricted to protections against aggression and are the minimum standard residents can expect no matter which platform they select. Every resident will be expected to sign a pledge, agreeing to adhere to these rules. Each platform will be run independently, and residents will be free to choose between platforms depending on which best serves their needs. Rather than arguing and voting, residents will simply choose the system they wish to live under. This will serve as a marketplace of governance which will promote competition and choice.

Who will own the platforms?

Each platform will be privately owned and financed. The ownership structure may differ significantly between platforms. Some platforms may be entirely owned by a sole proprietor or corporation while others may be financed as a cooperative among prospective residents. Some may be primarily profit motivated while others may be operated for the benefit of their residents. Since all platforms will be privately owned, the owners will have an interest in maintaining their platform and they won't be subject to the tragedy of the commons.

How will each platform be administered?

Each platform within Atlas Island will be operated as a free private city. The relationship between the platform and its residents will be governed by a written Resident Contract. This contract will detail the services provided by the platform operator and the expectations of the residents, including their user fees. Every resident will sign a Resident Contract before moving to the platform which will be legally binding on both parties. Any violations, by either side, can be appealed to an independent body specified in the contract. In addition to the obligations of the Resident Contract, all platforms will be expected to uphold the core tenets of freedom upon which Atlas Island is based and respect the natural rights of residents.

How will private property be respected?

Residents will own either floating vessels docked at the platform or containerized buildings placed on the platform. The advantage of both these options is that they provide the freedom to move your property between platforms or even somewhere else entirely. This mobility provides a clear delineation between the platform and your private property. On the platform you are subject to the Resident Contract but on your private property you are sovereign and make the rules. Remember: this property is YOURS and yours alone! No matter what happens to the project or platform, you will not lose your investment in your private property.

Will Atlas Island offer citizenship?

Since Atlas Island is not a traditional state claiming authority over its citizens, it will not offer citizenship. Thus, residents of Atlas Island will be expected to maintain citizenship in their country of origin. There is no right to remain on Atlas Island or any of its platforms. When moving to Atlas Island, residents agree that violations of their Resident Contract or committing crimes may result in their banishment from the platform.

How much will it cost me?

The individual cost can be broken down into two components: the cost of your personal vessel and the cost to use the platform. The cost of your vessel will be completely under your control and could range from near free (for salvaged or homemade vessels) to millions of dollars (for luxury floating houses or yachts). The user fees will be based on your size requirements but likely will be in the range of a few thousand dollars per year (similar to a slip in any other marina). Additionally, as the platform grows, fees may be adjusted according to the contract based on the desirability of each location.