Atlas Island

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About Us

Atlas Island, inspired by the similarly named book Atlas Shrugged, was founded in 2021 by three Seasteading Institute Ambassadors who came together to make seasteading a reality within ten years. This group then quickly grew and now has a board of directors, advisors, and many members. Despite varied backgrounds, we all share a common belief that freedom is sacred. The purpose of Atlas Island is to build a community of individuals who firmly believe that everyone is sovereign over their own life and who are utterly opposed to government coercion. With a dedicated group of like-minded individuals, we are confident that we will once again reclaim our liberty and natural rights.

Our principles are based on anarcho-capitalism. We strongly adhere to the non-aggression principle and the same is expected of our members. We also firmly believe in private property and are opposed to taxes. We will require residents to sign a pledge to uphold these core principles prior to moving to Atlas Island. While the seasteading movement encompasses people from a wide range of political positions, our focus is solely on individual liberty and private property: individuals who believe in centralized government control and coercion are invited to find another organization which better aligns with their values. We will not compromise these core principles in the name of expediency or for financial gain.

Our goal is to re-establish individual sovereignty and seasteading is how we will achieve this. While there are many reasons people wish to seastead, ours is solely focused on acheiving individual sovereignty. Given this,our platforms will all be operated according to the principles of Free Cities. We believe that the free market provides better solutions than centralized planning and thus we are technology agnostic. We also believe that establishing a market of individuals living on the ocean will drive the technological development of better and more affordable vessels. We refuse, however, to wait for this technology: freedom aboard a slightly less comfortable floating vessel is far superior to comfort in a house under an authoritarian government!